Cloud Migration

We can transform your on-premise applications to deploy and run on any cloud platform ( AWS, Azure and Google Engine) vendor.

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Mobile App Development

We can design feature rich iOS and Android application as native apps or with common framework (ionic)

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We have experience in technology refresh of legacy systems to support the agility of modern business needs.

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Who we are

A group of like minded designers, engineers, developers and analysts, who have a passion for designing and delivering software systems, that makes a difference to people's lives.

Our process in transparent. Collaboration is real time. Feedback is built in.  Improvements are habitual. Delivery is iterative. System is self-healing. Maintenance is minimal.

Our customers have a complete, real time view into our software delivery process. You know what we know, when we know.

Our designs can be explained to a 5 year old. They are simple, clean, elegant and thorough.  We encourage fast failures, manageable risks at early stages as a stepping stone for long lasting successful systems.

Our motto is delivery through inspiration.





Engage Us

Call or email us with your questions, we will be happy to discuss our capabilities and portfolio in detail.