Cloud Migration

Spring Boot, Docker, Jenkins, Mesos DCOS, ELK, InfluxDB/Grafana  - Write once, run everywhere


Mainframe, Client/Server systems modernized to distributed J2EE , web based, open source based systems.


Forward looking mature technologies ( Reactive micro-services/web client , Google Apigee API gateway) to innovate lines of business.

Teaser 1

We have modernized 30+ year mainframe system to distributed web based system for major Government client. Migrated 50+ Tera bytes of data with error rate of 1 per 100 million objects.

Teaser 2

Designed and architected cradle to grave micro-services based public facing web system for a major Government client. Deployed on AWS platform has accumulated accounts at the rate 1+ million every 2 weeks.

Next Steps...

We can discuss our past performance and future capabilities in detail.